High School Comics

55 Stories From High School

Delaine Derry Green  has made a name for herself in the comics and zine worlds with her diary comics anthology, Not My Small Diary, which has been running since 1996. Widely praised for excellent layout and design, the Small Diary collection has been well received by reviewers and readers the world over. Delaine had this to say about issue #17 (out now!) : “The latest, greatest issue of NMSD has arrived. The theme is true High School comics & stories. Inside you’ll find 55 different artists and writers sharing their deep, dark and fabulous teenage stories. Every book comes with a special NMSD pencil! Have someone sign your crack and stock up on meds for senioritis! You need this!”

I Made the Cover!

Delaine invited me to make the front and back covers over the summer, and I had a blast working with Delaine, coming up with a school mascot, colors, faux yearbook pages, and phony names. I’m still amazed  at how well Delaine pulls everything together, grouping together 55 artists and writers in a single volume. Incredible! Issue #17 includes some true comic greats, including Box Brown, Donna Bar, Joe Decie, Dan Moynihan, Misun Oh, Adam Paison, John Porcellino, Liz Prince, Jordan Shiveley, Sam Spina and Julia Wertz, just to name a few.



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