Rapid Grow Review / Growing on Instagram (Part III)

Growing on Instagram (Part III)

This post is my third in a series dedicated to my extensive deep-dive into the world of Instagram growth services by signing up for one free trial after another and comparing my experiences in real-time, right here on my blog.

If you’d like to learn more about how I’m learning from free trials, then be sure to subscribe and read my first post, Growing on Instagram (Part I).

Otherwise, read on.

Finding a $10/Month Growth Service

With my medical expenses totaling more than $20,000, I wanted to see if I could pull from my PayPal account for a $10/month service—being active on social media was quickly becoming my way of participating in a physical world and having connections with others, since I can’t sit up, stand for more than 10 minutes, drive a car, etc. I had no idea if there were such services available outside of Fiverr and other individuals, but I found a few and started doing some diffing.

The most promising $10/month service I found was Rapid Grow. (Get $5 your next bill by using code 492n27.)

1-Week Free Trial

My first month with Rapid Grow started with a free one-week trial. Comfortably low stakes.

At the beginning of my week, I had 5,433 followers and 57 profile views within the previous 7 days. (As an aside: are you as surprised as I was that I had continued gaining followers, even after I ended my services with Jumper Media?! I did my best in continuing to use the strategies I learned from Jumper, and it was encouraging to see positive results.)

By the end of the week, my follower count was up to 5,665 (an increase of 222 total followers, at an average of 40 new followers a day). Not only was my follower count up significantly, I have gone from 57 profile views to a whopping 1067 in just a week!

I was really happy with the results of Rapid Grow’s services during their Free Trial, so I signed up for a month of service at a cost of $10.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Jesse says:

    How do you cancel your membership?


    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi there, did you happen to find out how to cancel the membership?


  2. Vera says:

    I have the same question, after reading your post I decided to give it a try but wanted to cancel the service. I could not find anywhere to cancel and am starting to feel insecure…


  3. Cat says:

    Did anyone figure this out, I CAN’T CANCEL!!


    1. Vera says:

      I spam emailed them like 6 times and got a reply,hopefully it is actually canceled. You could try spamming as well


      1. Anonymous says:

        How long after your last email did they reply? I’ve emailed 5x and no response yet. However, I heard they don’t have a customer service team so i’m wondering if it’s just one person handling all emails. It’s really freaking me out.


      2. Did you reach out to Contact@rapidgrow.io? If you haven’t had a response, I suggest asking your bank to put a stop on the payment, so Rapid Grow can’t charge you any more.


  4. Marie Christine says:

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