No Events for 2019

Visiting schools, libraries, bookstores, festivals, and conventions are some of my all-time favorite experiences. I love meeting new people, talking about writing, drawing, and making comics, and it’s a singular joy to sign my books for people who have brought them to the events, and to see new readers light up when picking up one of my comics or picture books for the first time.

Unfortunately, I’m going through some health issues that prevent me from sitting, standing for more than 10 minutes, and driving—let alone getting to, setting up for, and participating in the events I love so much.

Until then, I’m trying to share my new projects via social media. You can sign up for my email list, connect with me on Instagram, find me on Facebook, or join my First Readers Club (where I give you the chance to read the rough drafts for my newest books before anyone sees them).

Photo by Travis Adamson

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