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    I'm a picture-maker living in Utah and have a deep passion for storytelling in its myriad forms and in making pictures. My first graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale is available from Top Shelf Productions and my children's book, The Adventures of William Worm, is available from Piggy Press.

    This blog is the new home for my works-in-progress, finished comics, calls for entries and whatever else you didn't ask for.


Interview with JetPens

I’ve been using JetPens’s brushes, pens, and inks for something like 5 years now. I’m a fan! They’re constantly putting out new and quality artist supplies, and it was my pleasure to talk with them last week. Find out about my first failed graphic novel, my favorite artists, and what I’m currently working on by … Continue reading

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Today kicks off “Life, the Universe & Everything“–Utah’s 3-day premiere Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror convention! I’m thrilled to participate again as an invited guest to talk about writing, drawing, and making comics. Here’s my schedule for the weekend:

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I fell apart yesterday/Just before I caught your smilin’ face I was just a little late/I knew that I might have to wait for you You bring me back I’m stompin’ like a hurricane/I don’t know when I’ll be back again It’s never been like this before/And now I know that when it rains it … Continue reading

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Using “Quadrants” in Design

Quadrants Writer/Collaborator/Sasquatch Dave Scheidt posted a link to this article from nofilmschool yesterday, which talks about using “quadrants” to compose frames in film. This was the first I’d ever heard the term “quadrants” in relation to composition (though there’s plenty out there on the “Rule of Thirds”), so I checked it out. I nearly clicked away … Continue reading

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Let’s Pencil Something In (Illustration)

My new illustration for the Portland Mercury made the front page! Check it out at http://tiny.cc/ai6rsx.

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Okay, I think this might be my most favoritest shirt yet! I’ve been feeling extra grateful for the people, places, and projects in my life and I wanted to put it all down in a happy little illustration. This is a message that I feel I’ve been wearing for some time, so I thought that I … Continue reading

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Song for the Weekend

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Photo on 1-1-15 at 3.35 PM #2

Scary Comics for Kids

Check it out–I got my contributor copies for “Die! Boo! Die!” …the horror comic for kids that DARE to read it! Forbidden Planet called my submission “one of the most interesting strips. The tension over time builds up sufficiently to unnerve and panic.” Only 200 copies of “Die! Boo! Die!” were made, and you can … Continue reading

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The Night My Fiancé Died

“As my fiancé’s life slipped away in front of my eyes I stood by, shocked that the cops didn’t perform CPR. When I saw the same thing happen in the Eric Garner chokehold video, I wanted answers.” THE NIGHT MY FIANCÉ DIED—AND THE QUESTIONS THE NYPD WON’T ANSWER I was recently asked to create an … Continue reading

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2014 has been my busiest year yet, and there’s still plenty to be done over the next week! Thanks for sticking with me and for supporting me and my work. It means so much to me to know that all the hours I’ve spent in my sketchbook and on the computer mean something to someone … Continue reading

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