Halloween Zines by Jess Smart Smiley

It’s spooky season, baybeeeee!

I love this time of year. Things seem to turn quieter, more contemplative. AND DON’T FORGET ALL THE SPOOKY!

In case my monster look-n-find book, collection of spooky comics, cutesy vampire graphic novels, magical, mystery, maze comic, witchy paper pictures, and series of monster-filled picture books don’t SCREAM my love for Halloween, maybe my miniature Halloween zines will!

Spooky books by Jess Smart Smiley
Witchy Paper Picture by Jess Smart Smiley

How To Zine

Check out this video I made (just days before my crazy health adventure began) to learn how to print, cut, and fold any or all of my Halloween zines—or learn how to make your own!

Follow the instructions in the video above and download my Halloween zines here.

(You’ll notice that each zine folder at the link above contains 2 files: the stories, artwork, and poems are on 1 file to be printed on one side of your paper, and you have the option to print the large image (file 2) on the backside of the same sheet of paper.)

I hope you enjoy your Halloween zines and this wonderfully spooky season!

If you’d like to preview my next projects for FREE before they’re published, sign up for my First Readers Club here.

Heart, Jess and The Foot


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