“Life Is Too Short Not To Do Something That Matters” – Seth Godin

What are you afraid of? The old rules: Play it safe. Stay in your comfort zone. Find an institution, a job, a set of rules to stick to. Keep your head down. Don’t fly too close to the sun. The new truth: It’s better to be sorry than safe. You need to fly higher than … Continue reading

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In Conversation With Jess Smart Smiley (Graphic Novelist, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale)

I recently got to talk with Marty Mulrooney of Alternative Magazine Online about my graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale. I’ve been following AMO for a while now, and it was great chatting with Marty about writing, style, inspiration, and what’s next. Read the full interview here. Related articles Upside Down: A Vampire Tale Preview (comicsworthreading.com) Free … Continue reading

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