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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching a week-long comics workshop in June! Hooray! I’m excited to share my love for telling stories, drawing characters, writing dialogue, and learning new comics-making techniques. My goal is to make comics fun for all ages and skill levels by providing fun and unique challenges that will help students … Continue reading

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Event Tonight: Go Set A Watchman

55 years ago saw the publication of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”, a novel I was required to read in seventh grade, and hated. I was used to reading epic fantasy and sci-fi novels, so this slice-of-life piece of historical fiction revolving around social issues in a time I knew little about was not … Continue reading

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THE SHORT VERSION I’m working healthier!   THE LONG VERSION My approach to working over the last week has been healthier than ever. It’s had such a deep effect on me that I’ve made a series of major decisions that are already affecting my life and work. For those of you that may not know: … Continue reading

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I fell apart yesterday/Just before I caught your smilin’ face I was just a little late/I knew that I might have to wait for you You bring me back I’m stompin’ like a hurricane/I don’t know when I’ll be back again It’s never been like this before/And now I know that when it rains it … Continue reading

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The Night My Fiancé Died


“As my fiancé’s life slipped away in front of my eyes I stood by, shocked that the cops didn’t perform CPR. When I saw the same thing happen in the Eric Garner chokehold video, I wanted answers.” THE NIGHT MY FIANCÉ DIED—AND THE QUESTIONS THE NYPD WON’T ANSWER I was recently asked to create an … Continue reading

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Today I will be signing books at the Murray, UT Barnes & Noble from 12-4pm. Come say hi and meet my newest monsters!

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47 Charming Facts About Children’s Books


A bicycle escape from Nazis, a child who inherits a fortune, Hogwarts houses penned on an airsickness bag, and more. Enjoy.

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“How we tell stories seems to be a mysterious process that millions around the world want to be able to do, but 99.9% effectively fail. Why is it so hard for storyteller and audience to be one? What we communicate can change the lives of the writer and the audience. However, why stories matter and … Continue reading

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WHAT IS A STORY IN ITS PUREST FORM? Ira Glass of “This American Life” talks about the building blocks of a great story. NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH For those of you that write, you’re probably aware that we are now six days into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Over the course of November’s thirty days, … Continue reading

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For the last six weeks I’ve been painting a second mural for Provo City. After putting in over 200 hours, I finished just before Halloween and thought I’d take some time to post some process photos and talk a little about making the mural. (You can read more about the project and see photos from … Continue reading

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