The Collected Toppi, Volume 5 (Book Review)

Wow! Any effort to say something meaningful or insightful about this book (and the collective body of work Sergio Toppi gifted the world) will be dwarfed by the sheer scope and brilliance of the stories themselves. That being said…

The Collected Toppi Volume 5 is yet another staggering, magnificent collection of stories masterfully expressed through thoughtful words and expert draftsmanship—this time with a focus on war folk tales that take place in Eastern Europe and Siberia. Each panel, page, and story is remarkable in its composition, characterization, humanity, draftsmanship, pacing, tone, and design.

As with the stories in previous collections of Toppi’s works, these tales are a resplendent blend of magic, horror, trickery, discovery, and pride.

In his foreword to this volume, Jason Shawn Alexander writes:

“As artists, it’s easy to consider our line as our voice…our language. Sergio Toppi had a much more expansive vocabulary than most. And you can see it in every page.”

-Jason Shawn Alexander

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