Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers

This year marks the 15th anniversary of WIFYR–Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. Organized by author Carol Lynch Williams, the conference (June 15-19) offers workshops and presentations on writing, drawing, and publishing books for young readers.

I’ve been invited to speak on the roles of writing and artwork in telling a story, and I invite you to join me for my presentation “Drawing Words & Writing Pictures: Storytelling for Young Readers” on Monday, June 15, from 4:10-5pm. I’ll also be participating in the mass book signing on Friday, June 19.

Registration is OPEN now, so sign up early and prepare for WIFYR!


From the organization’s page:

“Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers is for anyone who is seriously interested in publishing books for children and teens. If this is a passing interest, you may not want to invest the 40 + hours this conference takes. But if you really want to publish, there will be people here who will be able to help you get the best work possible in the time allotted.

Many people find this conference to be a life-changing experience as far as their career as writers or illustrators. It’s a long, hard week that attendees love. In fact, we have many return attendees–almost 50 % of the people who come have been here more than once.”


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