cover“Illustrator and writer Jess Smart Smiley has come up with a special mission for your monster aficionados. The terribly troublesome Rumpus is on the move through each of Jess’s crazily colorful spreads. It’s your young reader’s job to find Rumpus and his eggs, as well as other cleverly hidden objects, before he can cause complete chaos.

It’s not an easy assignment, however. Rumpus loves to cause mayhem wherever he goes, and there’s so much going on in each spread already, that it’s a challenge to pick him out of the crowd. Whether he’s dashing through the annual Snowmen Parade or dodging trees in the forbidden Goblin Forest, you’ll have your hands full finding the cunning Rumpus. To make matters worse, he can change color, so don’t expect him to give himself away by staying green.

And the biggest challenge (or disaster) is waiting at the end when all the Rumpus eggs hatch at the same time. If you thought it was tough before, now your monster identification powers are going to be put to the true test.

With “Rumpus on the Run, a Monster Look-n-find Book”, illustrator and graphic designer Jess Smart Smiley brings parents a sugar-free treat that will last throughout the year.”

Elizabeth MacKinneyExaminer


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