From Paste:

Earlier this week we learned that the Calvin and Hobbes documentary Dear Mr. Watterson would be released on Nov. 15. Today, we are treated to the first trailer. Brace yourself for a wave of crushing nostalgia.

The documentary, which director Joel Allen Schroeder has been working on since 2007, explores the impact the beloved comic strip had on fans as well as other cartoonists. The film features everyone from Lee Salem, who was Watterson’s editor at Universal Press Syndicate, to Family Guy‘s Seth Green. The doc also examines Watterson’s refusal to give up the rights to his comic strip despite the enormous fortuneCalvin and Hobbes merchandise would have raked in.

Schroeder started a Kickstarter for the project in 2009, and the fundraising efforts raised double the $12,000 the director had initially hoped for. Dear Mr. Watterson will feature a soundtrack composed by the Washington, D.C.-based band We Were Pirates.

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