New Drawings

A few drawings from a rare night of sketching digitally. I’ve been revisiting Hockney’s Secret Knowledge in anticipation of my camera lucida and dreaming of the possibilities within drawing. I like the way I think when I am drawing. When I am drawing, I am working to understand both the subject and the medium, and I always come away from a drawing having learned something more about myself and the world around me.

I’m finding more and more that I love to make drawings that acknowledge our physical reality–those that point to it with certain details, but that also communicate the experience of that reality. Working this way allows me to create a new reality. It’s also important for me to enjoy the drawing process, and so I am always tweaking the way I make a picture so that I not only learn from the picture and make a satisfying drawing, but so that I can enjoy the making of it as well.

Yeesh. I guess that all must sound pretty pretentious. In any case, here’s to drawing!
drawing1 Drawing2 Drawing3 Drawing4 Drawing5 Drawing6 Drawing7


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