Check it out! Some previews of the Snowman Parade scene from my upcoming book “Rumpus on the Run: A Monster Look-N-Find Book“!


And here are some kind words from a fellow artist, friend, and backer of the project, Rachael Moody:

Jess I am not supposed to be on FB this morning but I just had to get on and shake your hand! I read the interview with and I saw your Snowman Parade!

They were both more wonderful than I anticipated and seeing this project really come to life this morning just made me feel so fabulous! I feel lucky to be a part of this!

10 hours for the first page?! no joke! I was just tickled to observe all the antics those funny snowmen were up to! And I loved what you said in your interview about “world building”… I never thought about look-n-find books in that way, but now that I think about it, that is something I loved about Where’s Waldo. It wasn’t just about finding the objects on the list… it was fun just taking a peek at everything that was going on, all the tiny dramas!

Lastly, I felt so …. empowered by the whole thing this morning. Not just watching your project succeed and then come to life, then imagining going to work on my own. Mostly just because I FOUND THE RUMPUS!!! *fistpump *happy dance *hi five in the mirror

p.s. Upside Down…. #2?!?! I’m excited!!! This is too cool… I never want to see this end, just more and more fun, quirky monsters from Jess! Let the world be overrun =D


As we wrap up these last four days of funding, I’d just like to thank you all once again for spreading the word and backing the project. Drawing is my passion and it’s a pleasure to share that passion with you.

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