The Snowman Parade has begun! I’ve spent the last several days drawing, drawing, drawing snowmen (and women), penguins, snow bears, and more for “The Snowman Parade”–one of the scenes in my upcoming Monster Look-N-Find book.

I work full-time as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, so it’s been fun taking breaks from my paying jobs to doodle for the book. While the Rumpus has yet to be hidden, I’m happy to say that “Rumpus on the Run!” is underway!

To give you an idea of how tiny these drawings are and how big the book will be, I snapped this photo of myself holding up two sheets of 11×14″ smooth bristol board, covered with plenty of spooky-fun creatures and objects. I’m having an absolute blast drawing, but I know that I’m just settling in.

There are still 9 scenes to be drawn (10, if we can reach $4K in the next 9 days!), and coloring takes just as long as drawing.

“The Snowman Parade” scene features over 70 snowmen, and loads of other goodies to hunt for. Those of you who backed at the $100 level: be thinking about who (or what) you’d like me to hide in the book for you. It can be yourself or a loved one, or even a prized possession.

A HUGE THANKS to those of you who have generously upped your pledges! Every dollar makes a difference, and goes toward making these books even better. Remember: if we reach $4K I’ll add another scene to the book. If we hit $5K, this thing will be getting printed in hardcover and made available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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