Earthworm Jim Sketchbook

One of my biggest influences in drawing, comics and storytelling is a creative force known as Doug TenNapel. Doug has created video games, animated tv shows, and graphic novels, not to mention one of the world’s most beloved characters: Earthworm Jim.

I’ve been following Doug’s work for 16 years now, and own all of his graphic novels to date. What could be more exciting, then, for a fan like myself, than the Doug TenNapel Sketchbook Archives project on Kickstarter?

Doug describes the Sketchbook Archives as a “250 page, hardcover book of drawings gleaned from 42 sketchbooks. I’ve taken the best drawings from my 42 sketchbooks and put them together into one 250 page, hard bound volume called the Sketchbook Archives. This isn’t just a collection of drawings, but it is a useful tool on how to create characters, worlds and story lines for anything from video games to graphic novels and television shows.”

While the project has already funded (and then some!), this is our chance as storytellers and artists to get into the mind of one of today’s greatest creators in a way that no biography or retrospective could. This might look like just a giant book of doodles, but for me it’s nothing less than a text book. Get the book here.

2 Responses to “Earthworm Jim Sketchbook”
  1. I love this guys work. I hope the Kiskstarter for it works, it should be fab.

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