Portrait of David Blaine

David Blaine fascinates me. I remember when his “Street Magic” special aired on television and I recorded it on VHS tape, watching it over and over again, mesmerized. When his autobiography, Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic, came out five years later, I pored over it in the same fashion, taking in every bit of history and memoir. The back of the book offered some information and clues leading to a $100,000 treasure available to any reader who was willing to take on the challenge.

Maybe it was just a potent combination of my maturity level and a heavy dose of incredible marketing stragety, but I felt through each of these experiences that David’s message was genuine. He really meant what he said, and he had obviously dedicated a large part of his life to his craft. That’s what sticks with me most about David Blaine – this is a man who decides to do something, and finds a way to do it. The word ‘discipline’ comes to mind.

More than his illusions, it’s the stunts that David Blaine performs that really interests me. His decision to forego illusion in the name of his own physical and mental strength and endurance that I find most amazing. In that regard, he truly is a modern day Houdini. In his writing, he explains that the stunts are his way of understanding himself, and the world, and also a form of learning.

“In this highly personal talk from TEDMED, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes — a world record (only two minutes shorter than this entire talk!) — and what his often death-defying work means to him. Warning: do NOT try this at home.”

David’s work stands as a powerful reminder of what a person is capable of accomplishing. While I don’t plan on getting buried alive or drowning myself any time soon, I do strive for a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose here on this planet. I want to try harder and rededicate myself to the people and things that are important to me. How great is it that an ‘illusionist’ and ‘endurance artist’ can stand for something so powerful?

One Response to “Portrait of David Blaine”
  1. Yeah, I love guys like David. Houdini’s always fascinated me–the Dickens of magicians. Love the card, Jess.

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