The Best American Comics 2012

Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, creators of The Best American Comics series, have just announced the table of contents to this year’s edition, edited by Françoise Mouly! While I’m not a big fan of the cover (though I do love most of Gary Panter’s work), the comics look great. Check it out:

vii : Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, Foreword

xiii : Françoise Mouly, Introduction

2 : Charles Burns, X’ed Out
26 : Scott Chantler, The Battle of Buron from Two Generals
43 : Adrian Tomine, Scenes from an Impending Marriage (Excerpt)
54 : Gary Panter, Jimbo
64 : Michael Kupperman, Are Comics Moronic Dribble? from Up All Night
65 : Michael Kupperman, Skull Groin from Up All Night
66 : Nora Krug, Kamikaze
78 : Jonathan Bennett, Skyline
79 : Jonathan Bennett, Hot Stuff
80 : Anders Nilsen, The Pilot Learns to Fly from Big Questions
99 : Sarah Glidden, The Golan Heights from How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less
110 : Sammy Harkham, Blood of a Virgin (Excerpt) from Crickets
132 : Leanne Shapton, A Month Of . . .
140 : Joyce Farmer, Special Exits (Excerpt)
155 : Jim Woodring, Frank Among the Gut Worshippers from Congress of the Animals
170 : Chester Brown, Angelina from Paying for It
179 : Jonathan Bennett, Hibern-8
180 : Renée French, Stage 6 from H Day
214 : Michael Kupperman, Diner Food from Up All Night
215 : Jaime Hernandez, The Love Bunglers Part Four (Excerpt) from Love and Rockets
225 : Jonathan Bennett, Prophets
226 : Dakota McFadzean, Leave Luck to Heaven
244 : Christoph Niemann, Red Eye
259 : Jonathan Bennett, Dead Soles
260 : David Sandlin, House of Debt
271 : David Collier, The Irish Table from Chimo
284 : Michael Kupperman, House of Shouts from Up All Night
285 : Jesse Jacobs, Even the Giants Get the Blues (Excerpt) from Even the Giants
294 : Jordan Crane, Elsewheres from Keeping Two
311 : Jonathan Bennett, Haggling
312 : Chris Ware, Money

317 : Comics for Kids

318 : Sergio Aragonés, Doctor Costume and Vacation from Sergio Aragonés Funnies
321 : Frank Cammuso, Rock, Scissors, Paper from Knights of the Lunch Table
328 : Sara Varon, Baking Failure #1 from Bake Sale
333 : Michael J. Buckley, Draw Your Sister a Picture and Read a Book from 60 Ways to Leave Your Mother
338 : Geoffrey Hayes, Patrick and Big Bear from Patrick, A Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Other Stories
348 : Ben Hatke (aka Benjamin Philip), A Button in the Woods from Zita the Spacegirl

358 : Notable Comics from September 1, 2010, to August 31, 2011

2 Responses to “The Best American Comics 2012”
  1. RoosterTree says:

    Sounds like a must-read. X’ed Out & Paying for It were excellent.

    Also excellent? A Map in the Dirt (just received my Kickstarter :D).

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Oh, good! You got it! So glad to know you liked it. A little different from some of the other stuff I’ve made. Although I still haven’t seen 2011’s edition, my favorite in the Best American Comics series is still 2008’s, edited by Lynda Barry.

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