Illegal Olympics (Call for Entries)

From Craig Atkinson, Publisher/Editor of Cafe Royal Books:

“Dear All,

Illegal Olympics is a new project I’m working on. I am collecting images of illegal use of Olympic branding.

The 2012 London Olympics come with strict guidelines regarding the use of Olympic branding,

I will be publishing a book, documenting illegal use of Olympic branding, internationally, during the period of the London 2012 Olympics.

You are welcome to submit photographs (300dpi Jpeg if possible) by email. By submitting you are agreeing to your photograph being printed in the book. I will let you know first if your work will be printed, but you are still agreeing by submitting! The publication will most likely be printed in black and white.

All work will be credited, so please include your name and web address, and the location (city / town / country) the photograph was taken. I don’t need specific locations, e.g., The Red Lion Pub in York. York, UK will do. The book isn’t a ‘name and shame’, just a document of the celebration.

All images will be shown online. Some will be selected for publication. All will be credited as shown.”

One Response to “Illegal Olympics (Call for Entries)”
  1. You go get em! Look forward to seeing your book

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