C’est Bon has been pushing the boundaries and broadening the perspective of the comics medium for ten years now. The anthology of graphic short stories and interviews with artists from all over the world recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a brand-new 90-page issue, featuring 11 new comics, an interview with Oskar Aspman, and a great article on the last ten years of C’est Bon. The magazine crew was even kind/desperate enough to ask me to contribute!

My contribution is a 9-page, wordless, black-and-white comic called “O”. It’s an experiment in visual storytelling and I had a blast making it. The C’est Bon Anthology is always very nicely-produced, with great paper stock, and a slick cover. Crazy to see my drawings inside such a handsome magazine!

Oh–and let’s not forget the bios section in the back! The C’est Bon Anthology is one of the few publications I’ve come across where the editors actually write the bios for their contributors. Growing up, I had always thought that publishers and editors wrote their author’s bios, but that’s rarely the case. All those accolades you read in bios usually come from their subjects. Anyway, their write-up should give you a good idea of the sense of humor and wit that runs rampant at C’est Bon. Check this out:

How great is that?! Well, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of C’est Bon Anthology and support the international push for new and experimental comics.

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