A few years ago I worked as Creative Director for Ology, a local company that gets college students through all their math in 8 weeks. I was in charge of advertising and design, and wanted to come up with a way to get flyers to all the hundreds of college-age Gallery Strollers without making it a sales pitch, or taking away from the Gallery Stroll experience.

It’s important for me to create drawings and designs that contribute to whatever they are communicating, rather than taking away from it, so I came up with THE HUMAN DRAWING DISPENSER: a cardboard box that acts like a vending machine for drawings. It’s free. You walk up, ask for a drawing, and then a drawing is made from inside the box, right before your eyes.

Sitting inside the refrigerator box on a stool, I kept busy with a pack of paper, a box of scribble sticks, and a mini stereo. The drawings were made on the backside of Ology flyers, so that people could take home an original drawing, and also find out about a great way to save time and money in their math education.

Since drawing at the Gallery Stroll, I’ve been invited to take my HUMAN DRAWING DISPENSER to local festivals, trade shows, and parties. People still ask about it, and, though the box itself has changed over the years, the HUMAN DRAWING DISPENSER is still running–cranking out drawings and surprising people with free doodles.


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