Yesterday I put up a blog post called “Get Over It! Pushing Past Creative Blocks“, about overcoming those ruts we inevitably find ourselves in. I listed three methods for overcoming creative dry spells, and the response was overwhelming! Creative blocks seem to have struck a chord with people, but even more so, overcoming creative blocks has resonated deeply with readers. What a relief, that we want to overcome, rather than suffer!

Even knowing what needs to be done can make us nervous. Anxious. It can be like the night before school starts, where the anticipation is dreadful. It’s easy to freeze up, stress out, and spend time worrying, rather than creating. Fortunately, ACTION CURES ANXIETY.

We all know that worrying doesn’t solve anything, but rarely do we think about what to do in it’s place. Do SOMETHING. Decide to: distract yourself by doing something meaningful, push your way through it by tackling the difficult task directly, or turn the situation on its head and work at it from a different perspective. By taking a course of action, we rule out any chance for worry – we’ll be too busy doing something to be able to worry.

Stuck in a rut? Get Over It!

  1. Tod Robbins says:

    Dude! I am in love with this series. I need a print of this one.

  2. RoosterTree says:

    Sometimes, just a stroll around the neighbourhood is enough to reboot the creative process (something I need to remember more often).

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