Check it out – my Comics Grab Bag was picked and featured by the Kickstarter staff!

My full-color short comics collection is now 76% funded, and a mere 10 comics orders shy of succeeding. Pretty exciting! We’re so close, but the project won’t happen at all unless we hit 100%. So, let’s make this fun.

I want to broadcast a live drawing session over the internet and let the backer pick the drawing. Heck, I’ll even draw a picture of you, if that’s what you’d like! I’ll stream the drawing live, over Skype, to one backer at the $100 level, and send them the finished drawing file. Pick a person, place, food, animal, book, movie, character, invention…whatever. I’ll draw it. How does that sound?

Don’t forget to check out the other sweet Kickstarter projects happening now! Some of my favorites include: The Cucumber Quest Book Project, Hickies for your shoes, the Street Fighting Man documentary, and Remee, the REM-enhancing lucid dream mask.


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