I know, I know: “I’m making a look-n-find book, I’m making a coloring book, I’m making new album art…Won’t this guy ever shut up?” Sorry, but no. This is exciting and I want to share it with you. In fact, I need your help.

The game play for “Stump The Rumpus” is all worked out, and now I’m onto game production – that includes working out all the graphics.

Below are 10 color options for the game board. Try and ignore the arrows, writing and drawings – they’re just place-holders while I work on the colors. Keep in mind that color is not an exact science. We might spend some time studying and infer that the combination of the colors black and yellow instills fear in a viewer, because they are a subconscious reminder of bees and bee stings. While that might be true, it might also look really cool – and that’s all we’re really after: a board that looks cool.

We’re also not interested in what studies have found. Do 38 year-old single males in the Pacific NorthWest prefer blues and greens over yellows and reds? Great! But we’re just making this game what it needs to be, and we wish all 38 year-old single males in the Pacific NorthWest all the best.

So: which colors do you like best? Leave your vote in the comments section below.


  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.

Vote on your favorite game board below!

  1. I like the red and grey!!

  2. loz says:

    I really like the Orange/Yellow one. It looks a bit more visually striking and dynamic. More energetic.

  3. Grant Stay says:

    Number six is the best IMO

  4. The Green and Teal board is my favorite.

  5. Ivan Carroll says:

    #6 – its exciting without being overly distracting

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      That’s kind of like Dee’s cereal, if you think about it. Hmm…think I’m gonna go eat me some Dee’s right now…

  6. DavidH says:

    I feel like a board game with pieces that move around needs to have squares that are very different colors. I like #1, but you can’t say, “Move 3 spaces onto the blue square.” My vote is for #8. Yellow and blue.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Yeah, I hear you. This game is a lot like Chess, and you only need to differentiate between the square you’re on, and any square it touches. Does that make sense?

  7. Tod Robbins says:


  8. Wicker says:

    I like number 10 the best, I think. At least right now, lol.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Thanks, Wicker! #10 is starting to grow on me. There’s something subtle about it that I really like.

  9. Justin says:

    I like the first second third and fifth. In order it would be 2, 5, 3, 1.

  10. They’re all excellent colour combos. If eye fatigue is a consideration (it is for me, but I’m middle aged, so maybe it isn’t for most) numbers 4, then 10, then 6 seem to me to be the most friendly to long-term staring-at. (4 is really, really nice!)

    But if your goal is sharp & exciting at first glance, 3 then 8 would be my choices.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Thanks, man! Yeah, they’re all pretty bright and contrasty combos, but they’ll be printed on wood, which will tone things down a bit. Thanks so much for voting, my friend, and for all your continued comments 🙂

  11. I like numbers 2, 4, and 5 best. (Sorry, not very decisive…) I feel like numbers 6 and 10 both have some great potential, though, too. Truthfully, the only one I don’t like much at all is the red/grey combo.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Thanks, Amanda. It’s very kind of you to chime in. I think that the red/gray combo has the most votes for “PLEASE DON’T USE THIS! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!” 😛

  12. Attempting to send a little more (decisive) traffic your way! 😀

  13. Rachael M. says:

    orange and grey! hands down! thumbs up!

  14. Jess Smart Smiley says:

    By the way, this project is still coming. It’s just a LOT more time-intensive than I thought it would be.

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