Still plugging away at my Where’s Bigfoot? drawing. I was nervous at first, that I wouldn’t know what to draw after a couple of hours, but it’s been a lot of fun coming up with creatures and scenery, and it’s coming to me a lot more easily than I thought it would. I guess all those years of doodling are paying off, after all!

This has been a blast to work on – so much, that I’ve really had to force myself to get away and eat, or take a break, or…what’s that thing you do at the end of the day again? Oh, yeah: sleep!

Once the drawing is finished, I’ll be spending some time scanning, and piecing the image together in Photoshop. After touching up any unwanted ink spots, chocolate smears (my five-year old found my drawing when I stepped out for a minute), mess-ups, and scanner lines, it’ll be all ready for coloring!

  1. Wicker says:

    I’m gonna have to sharpen my crayons for this one…: )

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