James A Owen is giving away 1,000 copies of his inspirational book, “Drawing Out the Dragons” today only. Go here to get your copy.

If you were at LTUE this past weekend, or got the chance to hear James’ keynote address, then you know this is an incredible gift.

From James’ blog:

“As a grateful answer to the overwhelming responses I have gotten from my keynote address at the LTUE Symposium at Utah Valley University this past weekend, for the next twenty-four hours, I am offering the ebook trio – all formats in one zip file, pdf, epub, and mobi – of DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS, the basis for my keynote address…

…for FREE. For the next twenty-four hours.

Simply fill in your name and email address, click the link below, and you’ll get the download link sent to you. That’s it. (And if you want to read more about the book itself, simply click on the link above.)

In return, all I ask is that you take on a challenge: I would like to give away ONE THOUSAND COPIES of this book in the next twenty-four hours. So please post links, email it to your friends and family; and if you were at the LTUE keynote, share your impressions of that event, and then tell them about the book.

It is, I feel, the most meaningful, most significant thing I have ever written. And I want to give it to as many people as possible.

Help me do something extraordinary today.”


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