For those of you that missed the “Life, the Universe and Everything” symposium on art and literature, you might want to check out some of these recordings and handouts I put together:

-Listen to the “Keynote Address” from James A Owen, as well as full panel discussions from LTUE on “Artist’s Tools“, “Comic Book Publishers,” and “Storyboarding.”

-Pick up all five handouts from my presentations and panels at LTUE here.

-Pre-order and find out more about my first graphic novel, “Upside Down: A Vampire Tale” (Top Shelf Productions, Oct 2012).

Here are a few photos from the most amazing symposium I’ve ever been a part of:

Thanks to the organizers of LTUE, I was asked to escort Guest of Honor, James A Owen, throughout the symposium. I didn’t have to do much for James, but I got to spend three days with a new friend, hearing story after incredible story about his life and his work and his purpose in life. It was great to meet such an amazing man, who left me with the message: “I believe in you.”

  1. Fridgecrisis says:

    Is if alright if I put a link to your recording of the keynote in my blog post tomorrow? I also went to LTUE and took notes, but no audio, and I’d love to be able to share his address with my readers, too.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Sure thing – I also posted a few recordings of panels on creating artwork and publishing, as well as a few of my own handouts from the panels and presentations I participated in.

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