Here is today’s schedule of events for Life, the Universe and Everything:

9:00 AM:

-Story Structure Workshop

Dan and Rob Wells put together a story outline based on cues from the audience.  Part presentation, part improv routine. Dan and Rob take your ideas and turn them into a story and build a basic outline.

(Dan Wells, Robison Wells)

-Military on Military SF

(Roger White, Steve Harmon (M), Brad R. Torgersen, Zachary Hill, Jeffrey Meeks)

-Creating magic systems

(Larry Correia (M), Brodi Ashton, Stephen Gashler, Bron Bahlmann)

-Life at 30: 30 Years of LTUE

A lot has happened over the past 30 years. LTUE has grown from an idea to a well-respected symposium.  Come here a few past chairs talk about the journey.

(David Doering (M), Charlie Harmon, Scott Parkin, Jenna Eatough)

10:00 AM:

Self-Editing and Revision

(Tristi Pinkston)

-Stealing from historical and current events

(Eric Swedin (M), Abel Keogh, Scott Parkin, Heather Frost, Kevin Evans)

-Monsters and Mormons

(Nathan Shumate, Dan Wells (M), Eric James Stone, Jaleta Clegg, EC Buck, Steven Peck)

“Informed Consent: How Best to Mentor the Chosen One”

(Jonathan Ellis and Kathryn Olsen)

11:00 AM: 

Main Address: James A. Owen


-How to write a good short story

(Eric James Stone, Suzanne Vincent, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Heather Frost, Dan Willis (M))

“Myth and Symbol, History and Fantasy”—The Taliesin. Joseph Smith and King Arthur poems. Dr. Collings discusses and reads selections from his epic poem.

(Michael R. Collings)

“Proud to Be an American: Perceptions of American Patriotism from 1945-2009 in United States of America through the Medium of Captain America Comic Books”

(Timothy Alan Boyer)

1:00 PM

-Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours)

(Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, James A. Owen (1-1:30), James Dashner (1:30-2:00))

“World War Z: A New Dystopia for Contemporary Fears”

(Michael Kimball)

=Military Characters and how a military unit works in the real world

(Jeffrey Meeks)

2:00 PM

Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours)

(Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Larry Correia (2-2:30), Michael R. Collings & Michaelbrent Collings (2:30-3:00))

-The Principles of Suspense

(James Dashner, Berin Stephens, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Clint Johnson, J. Scott Savage (M))

-Art Tools of the Trade

(Jessica Douglas (M), Justin Kunz, Bobbie Berendson, Jess Smart Smiley, James A. Owen)

-Ecology and Evolution in Science Fiction

(Dr. Steven Peck)

3:00 PM

-Injecting romance into ghost stories

(Anna del C. Dye, Laura Bingham, Elana Johnson (M), Shirley Bahlmann, Elizabeth Mueller)

-The Secret Mind of a Serial Killer.

(Dr. Al Carlisle, Steve Harmon)

-The Good and the Bad: Five Things to Do and Five Things to Avoid in Writing Speculative Fiction

What are some of the Achilles’ heels in speculative fiction that new and old writers alike can avoid, and what are some of the must-haves for any speculative fiction story? This class goes over ten points for tightening writing, particularly writing with speculative elements.

(Kirk Shaw)

Military Strategy, technology, and operations in a complex world environment

(Jeffrey Meeks)

4:00 PM

-Local Publishers

(Lisa Mangum (M), Chris Schoebinger, Kirk Shaw, Lynn Hardy, Jennifer Fielding) -How to Read Aloud

Mary Robinette Kowal offers a workshop filled with tips for writers, readers, and public speakers on how to give a good reading. She’ll discuss how to select the scene, the number of characters, language, and give other pointers that make writers better readers.

(Mary Robinette Kowal)

“A Grain of Truth: Research in Storytelling”

(Kevin Clemons)

Reading (25 minutes)
Elizabeth Mueller

5:00 PM

-Encounters at the Edge of the Solar System

(Dr. Jani Radebaugh)

-Effective Book Signings: How to get people to come to your book signings.

(Bill Housley, Jaleta Clegg (M), Larry Correia, Bree DeSpain)

-Build A Bare Story: A character-driven approach to plot development

(Eric Patten)

-Science Fiction and Computing

(Howard Tayler, David Ferro, Eric Swedin (M))

6:00 PM

-You’ve Written Your Book–Now What?

(Laura Bingham, Kirk Shaw, J. Scott Savage (M), Jennifer A. Nielsen, Chris Schoebinger)

-Writing Query Letters

(Elana Johnson)

-Constructed Languages, part 2

(Dirk Elzinga)

-Book Bombs: How to make an bestseller

(Randy Tayler (M), Robison Wells, Larry Correia, Stacy L. Whitman, Michaelbrent Collings)

7:00 PM

-Why we love horror

(Nathan Shumate, Michael R. Collings, Jenn R. Johansson, Robin Weeks (M))

-How to lay out comic pages and make them look good

(Emily Martha Sorensen (M), Jess Smart Smiley, Carter Reid)

-Constructed Languages, part 2

(Dirk Elzinga)

8:00 – 10:00 PM

Mass Signing

(See list)


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