Why are you reading this? You should be at “Life, the Universe and Everything“: one of the largest and longest-running sci-fi and fantasy symposiums! Here is today’s schedule (I’ve highlighted my classes, so you can come heckle me!):

LTUE 2012 Schedule

Thursday, February 9, 2012

9:00 AM:

-Weapons and Worldbuilding

(Adam Meyers)

-Marketing and Publicity–what can you do?

(Jenn R. Johansson, Bree DeSpain (M), Elana Johnson, Lynn Hardy, Chris Schoebinger)

– Weaving a Complex Narrative

Deren illustrates the way that simple, iterative patterns can produce intricate and beautiful structures. Using examples from classic fantasy, he shows how writers can apply the same process to their storytelling in order to simplify the work of weaving a complex narrative.

(Deren Hansen)

10:00 AM:

-What Exactly Does an Editor Do, Anyway?

(Rick Walton (M), Stacy Whitman, Joshua Perkey, Lisa Mangum, Kirk Shaw)

-What a new author goes through getting that first book published

(J. D. Raisor)

-Podcasting for Writers

(Daniel Coleman, Stephen Gashler, Robert J Defendi, Robin Weeks (M))

11:00 AM:

-Queries and Pitches

(Lisa Mangum, Kirk Shaw, Donna Milakovic (M), J. Scott Savage, Chris Schoebinger)

-Middle-grade books for boys

(Tyler Whitesides, E. J. Patten, Michael Young, Stacy Whitman (M))

-Creating Effective Villains

(Leigh Averett)

-The History of Chocolate

(Karen Evans)


-Ebooks–A good way to get published?

(LL Muir (M), Carolyn Nicita, Daniel Coleman, Andrea Pearson)

-Fractured Fairy Tales

(Rick Walton, Mette Ivie Harrison (M), E. J. PattenDanyelle Leafty)

-Collaborating with a family member-

(Kevin Evans, Karen Evans, Michaelbrent Collings, Sandra Tayler)

“Alcatraz Versus the Comedian: How Metafiction Makes These Books So Gosh Darn Funny”

(Samantha Jarvis)

1:00 PM

-Writing for LDS markets

(Tristi Pinkston, Lisa Mangum, Berin Stephens, Laura Bingham (M), Chris Schoebinger)

-Writing for Movies

(Michaelbrent Collings, Blake Casselman)

-Anime/Manga–what’s good in SFF? (Or those who already know the basics.)

(Peter Ahlstrom, Jessica Harmon, Joe Monson (M), Emily Martha Sorensen)

-From Idea to Story: How to take your work from idea to finished product.

(Jess Smart Smiley)

2:00 PM

-Feeling Fake: What to do about that pervasive feeling that everyone belongs in the publishing world except you.

(Sandra Tayler, Jason Alexander, Ami Chopine (M), Stacy Whitman, Chris Weston)

-Tolkien and Lewis: why they are still relevant after seventy years

(Michael R. Collings, Robin Weeks (M), Jessica Harmon, James A. Owen)

-Making a Book Trailer

(Paul Genesse, Heather Monson (M), Dan Wells, Angela Corbett, Lani Woodland)

-Creating a Team Between Author and Publisher

(Annie Oswald)

-BOOK SIGNING: Michael Young

3:00 PM

-Comic Books–publishers, where to go, how to approach

(Jess Smart Smiley, Blake Casselman, James A. Owen, Brian Hailes (M))

-Putting Technology Ramifications into your World Building

(Roger White)

-Using Reviews to Improve Your Writing.

(J. Scott Savage)

-Rewriting Classics: Taking classic literature and rewriting it with a twist to appeal to modern readers.

(Jenni James, Jessica Harmon, Robert J Defendi (M))

4:00 PM

-Writing Humor

(Howard Tayler)

-Avoiding Cliché Like the Plague

(Michael Young)

-The Video Game Art Pipeline: Doing it right from concept to completion

(Justin Kunz)

-Dialog Tags and Speech Patterns

(Angie Lofthouse (M), David Butler, Kasie Wes Lani Woodland, Tyler Whitesides)

5:00 PM

-Evil in Fiction: creating conflict

(James Dashner, Clint Johnson (M), J. Scott Savage, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Al Carlisle)


(Isaac Stewart)


(Brian Hailes, Aneeka Richins, Jess Smart Smiley (M), James A. Owen)

-It’s all about who you know: A guide to building professional relationships in the publishing world (AKA Stalking your dream agent without getting arrested.)

(Donna Milakovic)

6:00 PM

-Writing Action

(Larry Correia)

-Can Poetry Help Your Prose, or, Writing with Rhythm –discussion of ways writers have used/can use poetic techniques to improve storytelling, including rhyme, meter, rhythm, alliteration, etc.

(Steven L. Peck, Michael R. Collings, Charlene Harmon (M), Karen Evans)

-The Road to Self-Publication: How to Successfully Self-Publish.

(Andrea Pearson)

“The Flaw in the Plan: Did Dumbledore Plot Snape’s Death?

(Mary Jo Tansy)

7:00 PM

-A Vampire is NOT your Boyfriend! Real Vampires

(Mette Ivie Harrison, Michael R. Collings, Dan Lind, Stacy Whitman (M))

-100 Story Ideas in an Hour.  Come see how easy it is to come up with workable ideas.

(Lesli Muir Lytle, Nathan Shumate (M), Jaleta Clegg, Dan Wells)

-Constructed Languages, part 1 (2 hours)

(Dirk Elzinga)

-Drawing Faces

Draw along with artist Rebecca Greenwood as she demonstrates how to draw the human face, including classic facial proportions, male and female, different features, and races.

(Rebecca J. Greenwood)

8:00 PM

-Constructed Languages, part1 (cont.)

(Dirk Elzinga)

-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

(Jaleta Clegg, Zachary Hill, Carter Reid, Blake Casselman (M))

-WOTF Basics: what it is and how to enter

Basic information about the Writers of the Future contest.

(Brad R. Torgersen)

-What the Filk? A Concert Not Just for nerds

(Dave Butler)


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