I worked as Creative Director for two years at a company called Ology (and their sister company, AcerPlacer), in Utah. As Creative Director it was my job to come up with marketing campaigns, and fun ways to engage customers (college students), as well as to create all the appropriate advertising and graphics.

Ology and AcerPlacer were  not only accepting of non-traditional marketing ideas, but they hunted them down! Through Ology, I got to make a bajillion crazy flyers, work with a street magician, create stickers and air fresheners, work with Provo’s resident rapper Bee Money, draw pictures inside a cardboard box, hand out pizza and ski passes at basketball games, design ads for newspapers and mailers, drive an ice cream truck, create ambigrams and sidewalk art, design t-shirts, and even make slap bracelets.

What is their product? Math.

Ology and AcerPlacer offer college students  8 weeks of math that gets them through all of their college-level math courses, and includes a Pay-Or-Don’t-Pay Guarantee – an incredible boon for those of us who struggle in math.

Every now and then I still get to create ads and graphics for the company, like the comic strip ad above. What school do you know of that creates comic strip ads???

Working for Ology was the most fun I’ve ever had working for someone else, because they were willing to really get involved with the students and make their lives better through something most of them hate: math.


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