Myths of the Overworked Creative

Time is finite, but we act as if it were otherwise, assuming that longer hours always lead to increased productivity. But in reality our bodies are designed to pulse and pause – to expend energy and then renew it. In this revelatory talk, energy expert Tony Schwartz debunks common productivity myths and shows us how to regain control over our energy so we can produce great work.

3 Responses to “Myths of the Overworked Creative”
  1. Wicker says:

    Wonderful. Everyone should watch this and incorporate these concepts. I have been doing something similar for years and I always find I meet or exceed my own and other’s expectations for producing quality work. Thanks Jess for helping spread the word : )

  2. Amy says:

    Jess, this is the best talk I have heard in a really long time. Everyone needs to see this. Thank you for sharing it – I will be passing it along as well!

  3. I’ve passed it along, too. I love the metaphor of sprinting used against creative productivity.

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