I love seeing people succeed. I truly believe that the heart of creativity is the search for finding a way, in whatever capacity or situation. Whether it’s communicating an idea, balancing out a daily schedule, or getting along with a neighbor, creativity seems concerned with finding solutions.

Coming up with a story, or writing a novel is certainly no exception. It can sometimes be funny to hear a person talking about all the trouble they’re going through in writing their book, because nobody is asking them to write their book in the first place, and if the purpose of life is to be happy and avoid pain, then maybe ditching the book would be a better idea. Of course I’m only half-kidding. We write as a means of finding happiness. We write to experience other joys that can’t be found outside of writing and creating. We also work to overcome problems in our lives, and the process of writing has a way of resolving things in a unique way.

All of this was instantly brought to mind when I read Amy’s (AKA Radical Amazement) post, The Winner’s Circle. Amy took on this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge, and completed the month as a winner, with a total of 50,237 written words in just 30 days. Talk about an accomplishment!

Amy’s story is such a great metaphor for life. Simple, but effective. Her goal was to write 50,000 words in a single month. The problem was that writing so many words in such a short amount of time is a difficult challenge. It was tough, but Amy had a motto of sorts: “This is what I know:  If you begin (anything), stuff happens.  Really.” She goes on to conclude that “Sometimes, granted, the step to take is to sit in stillness. Sometimes waiting is a necessary action. Other times, a step (or mis-step?) might lead us to more confusion.  It’s all ok, it is all experience. Chaos is necessary when change is in order. Do something, and life happens.”

It’s great to read another story of success, and the inherent inspiration in another’s success always amazes me. I don’t know Amy, but I know her accomplishment, and it drives me to find a way to succeed on my own terms. Thank you, Amy, and thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement, and for sharing your own achievements.

You can read Amy’s summary of her NaNoWriMo experience on her blog.

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, thanks for the mention, Jess! I am honored that you found my post inspirational, and doubly honored to be mentioned in such a well written post. Thank you.

    I love this: “…the process of writing has a way of resolving things in a unique way.” Yup, mmhmmm! Keep on writing ~

    Many Blessings

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      What a nice surprise! Ha! Congratulations on meeting your goal—I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your progress. Thanks for letting me share your story 🙂

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