National Novel Writing Month has begun! 30 days. 50, 000 words. Are you in?

My dad and sister are both participating in this year’s event and I’m excited to see what they come up with. Dad is an incredible writer and I can only hope I’ll be half as skilled as he is some day. My sister has been looking for more ways to get involved in writing, and NaNoWriMo proved to be interesting enough for her to tackle.

If you aren’t already participating, check out nanowrimo.org for more information on how to track your progress, get motivated to write (and keep writing!), get your own word count widgets, and connect with other writers across the globe.

Are any of you readers participating this year, or have you participated in years past?

Also, be sure to read through some of theNaNoWriMo Pep Talk Archive. You’ll find motivational talks on writing from greats like Piers Anthony, Lynda Barry, Holly Black, Dave Eggers, Lemony Snickett, Neil Gaiman, and many others.

2 Responses to “LET NANO WRIMO BEGIN!”
  1. Alice says:

    I’m participating, but not fully. I plan to write a little each day and will be happy if I get half the word count.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      This is great news, Alice! For some reason, I can’t pull up your blog anymore. I don’t know if the link is broken or what, but it looks like your site is gone. Please tell me that it isn’t so!

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