130,000 pieces. Nothing but Legos. 600 man hours. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Victorian on Mud Heap:

This isn’t Mike Doyle’s first time around the brick. The Victorian is the third installment in his series of abandoned houses. “Some ask if Lego brick building is Art. To me, that is like asking is sculpting with clay, Art. Well… it could potentially be. Anything, absolutely anything can be made into Art in the right hands, even the ‘child’s toy’ Lego. In the end, bricks are a medium, like oil paint or clay or pixels on a screen. It’s what you do with them that matters.”

I love nothing more than seeing an incredible image and then being able to hear the artist’s thoughts on the process and ideas behind it. Mike has posted a fairly in-depth look at how he made the Victorian on his blog (I especially love the end, where he talks about making the ‘curtains’).

One Response to “HAUNTED LEGO HOUSE”
  1. Rick Judd says:

    this totally kicks the crap out of the submarine i built when i was 11! this is incredible!

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