You can no longer talk about children’s book art in Utah without hearing Willy Terry’s name pop up. This is a good thing. A very good thing.

See what I mean? This is a typical painting from Will—and by ‘typical’ I mean teeming with rich, luscious colors, playful contrast between light and dark tones, endearing characters, wondrous depth, and soft, subtle textures. Not only are his pictures stunning contributions to the art world, but Will has a lot to offer aspiring illustrators. Will teaches illustration and painting at Utah Valley University, and has recently started his own instructional video series on “How to Illustrate Children’s Books.” This is an ENORMOUS resource to anyone looking to learn more about illustration and picture-making (myself included!).

Above is a sped-up version of Will’s tutorial on how he took his rough sketch to the finished painting, step-by-step. Again, this is such a great resource—with Will teaching at UVU, he knows and understands the questions we have about making pictures, adding details, simplifying, using different tools and media. He’s also published several books for children in print and digital formats, and spends time covering questions about publishing. This is about as good as it can get without sitting in Will’s class at school…and, oh, let’s say you knew someone that had a birthday coming up soon (ahem!); don’t you think a subscription to his video series would make an incredible gift?

Subjects covered include: book design, storytelling with pictures, character design, illustration design, rendering, working with color, success in the marketplace and submitting your book. If that’s not enough, Will even has videos on how to paint digitally, and on painting with acrylics.

“His work has appeared in national advertisements for Sprint, Pizza Hut, M&M Mars, Fed Ex, Master Card and Citibank and in such publications as Time, Money, Wall Street Journal, Mac World, Arizona Highways, Seventeen and Better Homes and Gardens. His work has also been accepted into The Society of Illustrators.”

You can find more of Will’s work at:



  1. Alice says:

    love the typical painting from Will. I also love children’s book art.

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