Such an incredible interview with Native American poet and writer Sherman Alexie. I caught part of this program on NPR last Saturday and I was so glad to find the full hour-long program online.

Amongst such topics as what life is like for him as a writer and the use of language in poetry, I love how Sherman talks about living in a “post-memory” world, where things are created too quickly to create memory. He also mentions that there aren’t as many big ideas in the world today, compared with the rate and effects of big ideas in the past.

It’s an insightful hour with the writer and I doubt you’ll walk away from it feeling anything less than enriched.

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  1. […] I sometimes think about what the future of the logo is going to be – it seems like designers have been recycling the same ideas since the ’80s and it’s really gotten old, both in aesthetics and utility. I don’t think logos are doing their job as well as they did in the ’80s, because they are still designed to function the way they did 30 years ago – back when there was no internet, fewer computers at home, and no cell phones. In the last 30 years, we have been exposed to more logos than ever, and I think we’ve learned to forget them. (It doesn’t help that we’re living in a post-memory society – just ask Sherman Alexie.) […]

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