Stefan Sagmeister has been one of my favorite designers/artists/creators for quite some time. If you don’t know his name, you might be familiar with some of his work:

Stefan has an unorthodox way of working, where, instead of retiring once he’s older and has lost a good deal of his health and vigor, he takes a full year off from working once every seven years (he’s self-employed and has had only a single assistant for years now). He says that the year away from working is always just the refreshment he needs, giving him new insight on his life and work, and he’s able to come back fully rested and invigorated. Stefan even fills us in on his incremental retirement.

Stefan and his team started a documentary movie about happiness, called the Happy Film. Its a proper look at all the strategies serious psychologists recommend that improve wellbeing, such as meditation and cognitive therapy. Stefan’s goal is to try them all out and report back on the results. The film is due for release sometime next year, but has been a few years in production.

I find Stefan’s work inspiring. I love how it crosses media, aesthetic tastes, and subjects. I love how his life and his work are one and I love how he uses photos of himself in so much of his work—it tells a lot, but mostly, I think, that he is interested in understanding and exploring himself. Aren’t we all?

One Response to “THE HAPPY FILM”
  1. very interesting. I like his approach to work. Wish we could all do that.

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