Q & A with TOM GAULD

Tom Gauld has been a favorite cartoonist and illustrator of mine for nearly a decade now. His small self-published books and comics in the early 2000s were a healthy part of my balanced visual arts diet and his drawings and storytelling have only improved over the years.

You might recognize Tom’s simplistic, minimalistic drawing style from The Guardian, or from one of several of the book covers he has created for such classics as The Three Musketeers, Stories (edited by Neil Gaiman), or The Tribes of Britain.

Tom’s drawings and comics are always filled with the hopes and fears of humanity, and usually come with a solid dose of humor, whether he’s drawing for a book cover, his weekly comic, a graphic novel, or just having fun with ideas in his sketchbook. Not only does Tom draw stories that are filled with interesting and eccentric lineups of characters, but he’s just as well known for his lists of characters and story ideas:

It’s always great seeing what Tom is up to next and it’s just as exciting to find a Q & A with him, talking about his processes for drawing and coming up with ideas, as well as what projects he is and has been involved in.

If you’d like to see more of Tom Gauld’s work, check out his regularly updated website at TomGauld.com, as well as his frequently updated flickr account, filled with both his finished work and pages from his sketchbook.


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