Cygnus is a journal of speculative fiction headed by writer, editor and epic beard-grower, Casey Winters.

The journal (which is listed on Duotrope’s Digest) will feature six to nine short stories, as well as speculative works of art (arguably, anyone could look at my pictures and speculate as to whether or not it is really ‘art’), and will be published electronically in October of 2011 on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

Right now, Cygnus is accepting submissions for their flagship issue and needs your fiction (science-fiction, horror, fantasy, experimental fiction, alternate history) and art (imaginative/escapist art,including comic strips and graphic design). This is your chance to have your work published in a journal and shared in print, online, and via the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

Entries are due August 31 and all details can be found on the Cygnus website.


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