Dungeon Crawlers Radio is Utah’s source for all things geek. They have a weekly podcast covering topics like gaming, movies, and comics, and frequently interview authors and artists of science fiction and fantasy on their show.

Revan and Nivi were kind enough to invite me to their podcast table at Conduit this past Saturday to ask me a few questions. They took time away from real writers and artists (like Brandon Mull, Kevin Wasden, Terry Hickman) to ask me some questions about my graphic novel and comic, as well as some of my current and upcoming projects. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Dungeon Crawlers podcast, you can access the previous two weeks’ worth of shows on their site.

You can listen to the full 24 minute interview here.

  1. Very cool Job, Jess! We are excited to have you on our show 🙂

  2. PS- I tried posting a comment on their website and it wouldn’t work. Your novel sounds fascinating.

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Really? Thanks! It seems that describing the plots of my favorite books usually makes them sound extremely boring, even though they are masterpieces in their own way. I feel like any description of my own story is also bound to be boring, too, but I feel like it’s a great book. Still about a quarter of the rough draft to go!

      • I feel that way when I describe my projects. Keep up the good writing. As far as your question at CONduit. I imagine a completely different person for each character when I write them- but for me it really comes down to their energy. If their energy is the same as another character that is what needs to be changed. Also voice, look around everyone will have different ways of talking and saying things.
        Since you are an artist- it really helps to draw out your characters and see their energy in action- physically. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Jess Smart Smiley says:

        Thanks, Lillian 🙂

        The further I’ve gotten into the story, the easier it’s become to separate the narrator’s voice from the main character, but it’s still a challenge. I’ll take your advice and use their energies to my advantage in writing. They both have very different motives and personalities, but it’s the way I’ve been using the language that makes them sound similar. I’m mixing it up. One uses short, choppy sentences, while the other is a bit verbose. One speaks in absolutes, while the other speaks his thoughts as they come.

        I’m trying not to draw any of my characters, because I’m afraid I’ll become tied to them visually and shoot the story a different direction, or turn it into something else altogether. I’m too sensitive to images! 😛

        Thanks a ton for your help—today when I write, I will think on their energies.

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