Okay, so I’ve been working on a novel. The idea is something that I came up with last Summer, but wasn’t able to work on, because I was revising my graphic novel. Now that I’m over 50% finished with the rough draft, I feel better about sharing the news.

With my drawings and comics, I can post sketches and color passes and things like that, but with the rough draft of a novel…? Maybe I’ll put up a line or paragraph from the day’s writing? How about that? Is that even interesting? There’s a big chance I’ll change the writing in the editing stages, but your feedback will help me stay on task and get it done. That being said, here’s part of today’s writing:

“Eggs is done.” Lester whistled and knocked the pan with the spoon. Elliot sat up and stretched out long. The sky was a blinding haze of a bright yellow and pinkish wash as Elliot stepped toward the fire, stumbling a little over his own feet.

“Mornin’ Elliot.”

“Mornin’ Tom. Les.” Elliot rubbed his eyes. “How’d ya manage eggs?”

“Turns out Digger’s fool rabbit foot had some luck in it, after all,” Lester smiled. “A rich man and his wife stopped their car when they saw me early this mornin’ pickin’ apples ‘n berries, an’ jes’ handed ‘em to me. Said they didn’t need ‘em after all, and drove off arguin’ about some Barmuda er somethin’.”            

“Strange,” said Elliot.

“Hobo luck,” said Lester.

2 Responses to “NEWS: NOVEL IN THE WORKS!”
  1. alicebeesley says:

    Good start. sounds like an interesting story. I can tell you’re an artist by the description of the sky!

    • Jess Smart Smiley says:

      Thanks. I picked this selection because it doesn’t give anything away and it’s a good example of some of the character’s speech patterns and traits. You’ll hear more from them later, I’m sure.

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