More drawings from my sketchbook. I’m really having a blast with my Akashiya brush pen!
BONUS! JJ wanted a drawing of something with a beard, so here you go:

  1. Jess Smart Smiley says:

    You’ll need to buy a scanner. I paid around $20 for my first scanner from the Salvation Army and used it for about 7 years—no complaints. Any old scanner will do, to start with. Are you drawing in ink or graphite? Since graphite is lighter, it’s trickier to get the scanner to pick up all your lines as they exist on the page, but you can tweak the settings to approximate your original.

    Another thing I learned early on is how hard it can be to scan pictures from a sketchbook. The spine of the book has to be pressed down so that the image is flat against the scanner glass. If you don’t press it down, the image gets warped and indecipherable.

    Alternatively, you could take pictures of your drawings and transfer them to the computer. If you can get the right amount of light on your picture and no shadows, you’ll be in good shape, but I’d stick with the scanner if at all possible.

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