Yesterday, I visited an elementary school on a military base to talk about drawing and writing comics. I can only hope that the students had as much fun as I did making folded drawings, mini-comics and superheroes, and playing drawing games. It’s always so much fun drawing with kids, because there is an energy and readiness that we tend to bury early on in our lives. Each class visit I make, I see even more how we need a balance of science, mathematics, electronics, physical education and fine arts in our children’s education. One of the teachers mentioned how the students just lit up when it came time to draw, in such a way that she hadn’t seen in a while. How much better would our education be if we were excited about it?

Oh, and how cool was the principal? Let me tell you: she bought comic books to give away to each class! How cool is that?! Just to make sure no one would be left out, I made these mini-comics to hand out to all of the kids:

On the back of the comic is an empty space for the student to draw their own portrait and write their name. There’s also a spot inside for them to make up their own album cover and color the book.

We got to talk about the importance of keeping a sketchbook and/or journal and to write down and draw your ideas and what happens to you. When I told them that my idea for Upside Down: A Vampire Tale came from a simple little sketch I had made in my own sketchbook, they were amazed.

I’d love to talk more about the importance of keeping a journal/sketchbook and how it can not only help you come up with ideas, record your thoughts, and be a playground for writing and drawing, but also how it contributes to a happy, organized, healthy life. I’m always happier and less-stressed when I’m consistently working in my sketchbook.

Anyway, I’m going to be started up a separate blog for all of my school visits, where I can post drawings from the students, photos from the class presentations, and maybe some videos and things like that. What I’d really like to do is start a video joke catalogue, where I can film students telling their favorite jokes, and then post the videos on the blog. How cool would that be?!

2 Responses to “JUNGLE BELLS COMIC”
  1. alicebeesley says:

    What a great idea and how fun for the kids! My son who likes to draw would love doing this.

  2. Jess Smart Smiley says:

    I’d love to do a presentation at his school. I’m going to be all around Provo, Orem and SLC this Summer and Fall. If nothing else, I can at least mail him a mini-comic 🙂

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