Doug TenNapel has been one of my favorite creators, ever since my Dad introduced me to his all-clay computer game, the Neverhood, in either sixth or seventh grade.

His quirky characters, funky stories and cream-of-the-crop monsters have all been instant favorites of mine and I’m the proud owner of all 10 of his graphic novels. His newest book, One Bad Island, comes out this Summer from Scholastic’s Graphix imprint and I can hardly wait to see what he’s co

me up with this time. A lot of people talk about how filmic his books are and it’s only a matter of time before one of his stories shows up on the big screen—movie rights have already been purchased for several of his books and Hugh Jackman himself bought the rights for Ghostopolis!

Doug has worked on children’s books, comics, television, film and video games, and (as of this year) has even ventured into the world of web comics, with Ratfist.

From Doug’s description: “Ricky is pushing 40 and still thinks his boss owes him a job. Donning a rat costume by night, Ricky becomes RATFIST, a champion of the intellect and protector of the little people! He starts out with no superhero powers. Then he mutates.”

Waiting a year and a half between books to see his new work has been exciting and given me a lot to look forward to. Ratfist, however, is quite a different story. Doug posts an entire page from Ratfist every single weekday, and, where most web comics are three or four panels and created digitally, Doug’s comic is a full page—drawn in ink on paper and then colored digitally.

For years of laughs, screams and wonder that the whole family can enjoy, check out Doug’s books and his new ongoing webcomic, Ratfist.


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