Today I finished page three of my new short comic, The Goblin’s Child, and it’s just getting more and more fun to draw the more I work on it.

Not that anyone asked, but I’m drawing with a ‘fine’ Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen on 11 x 14″ Strathmore Smooth Bristol board. It’s the same board I drew on to make my short comic, A Map in the Dirt, last year.

As far as my cell phone game goes: I’ve found an incredibly skilled programmer to work with, and we’re aiming to have a well-oiled prototype in a month. Can you even imagine it? Me making a cell phone game? There should be rules against this sort of thing!

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  1. […] like are used as design elements to draw attention to and surround key figures (as you can see in sample pages). The black areas are night shadows, adding to the feeling of death somewhere near but […]

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