This is strange for me. I don’t think I’ve ever posted to a blog so consistently. Hopefully these posts are doing something good for someone, instead of me just rambling on the internet…

This is page 2 from my new comic. It’s slow-going, but steady, so far, and I should be finished with the full comic within the next two weeks.

In other news, my Monster Coloring Book needs some serious lovin’. Look at it, the poor thing—$130 raised, out of the necessary $1000 to print, bind and ship the book. The monsters inside are deluxe; I can guarantee it. We just need to spread the word and let people know that such a thing exists. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, emails, websites, blogs…we need your help! Also, if you are the police: please drive down the busiest roads, telling people about the coloring book by way of your loud speakers. That would rock. And be hilarious.

In even more other news (can you believe all this other stuff? Ridiculous!), I fleshed out some ideas for a couple of cell phone games I’d like to make and have been getting in touch with programmers/coders to make it happen. Hold on to your rear-ends, folks.


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