What a way to spend a weekend!

Life, the Universe and Everything is Utah’s own 3-day symposium with panels, workshops and presentations on writing, art, literature, media and other aspects of speculative fiction. My dad got me into the symposium several years ago and it’s always been something that I look forward to—I know I’ll be spending the weekend with writers like James Dashner, David Farland and Tracy Hickman, and artists like Steve Keele, Howard Tayler and leaving with pages of notes, drawings, ideas and sometimes even autographs. It’s a place a writer and artist can really be in their element!

I was invited to speak on four panels dealing with drawing graphic novels, storyboarding, web/comics and traditional/digital art tools—topics I’m passionate about and spend a lot of time researching and using for my own projects.

This was my first experience with being on a panel and it was a strange thing to sit down next to four other artists/authors that I knew little about and be expected to have a conversation with them in front of a large group of people with very specific questions. Strange, and fun! It was tough knowing what to prepare, and what to bring up, because there was no way of knowing what part of Drawing a Graphic Novel that people wanted to know about, or what the other panelists would bring up. I learned right away that I was just there to talk about it and I had very little in control over what we’d cover as a group.

Content is one thing and the element of time is another. Each panel was just an hour long, so, not only was I getting to know these panelists, while having a meaningful discussion with them and trying to share something with the audience that they might have come for, but we had to do all of this in the space of an hour.

Overall, it seemed like people had a lot of questions about publishing (how to get published, how to find publishers), how to create a comic or graphic novel from scratch, and how to write for comics, or work with a writers. Again, these are things that I deal with every day and am super-passionate about. I keep folders and bookmarks on my computer of websites, blogs, magazines, books, videos, interviews, podcasts and tutorials that I’m constantly updating and adding to and I was really hoping to share more of those resources with all the attendees. There was only so much time and so many questions that we could answer, so I compiled THIS LIST of helpful books, blogs, podcasts, websites, etc. to help answer some of the other questions we were asked.

The links will take you to more information on how to control pacing in your story, the best ways to scan your artwork, coloring your images digitally, composing comic pages, plot-storming, how to create a work schedule that works for you…it’s all there.

I’ll probably write more about LTUE later, but I thought I’d let you know how great it was and that there are plenty of ways to find the answers you’ve been looking for about writing and drawing. I’m also going to be starting a series of videos about the writing and drawing processes, so let me know if there’s anything you want to know more about!


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